Terms & Conditions

Last Edit : August 2 , 2018

Terms and Conditions of product:

We ("ORIGGON") are not responsible for the content shown in the search results.
We are not responsible for any loss data or revenue.
On DMCA request, we may act on behalf to blacklist content from our own Index, but the main source of content is from Microsoft/Bing.
Our ads are directly powered by Yahoo/Bing Ads Network, thus cookies is used by them for ads.

Your data is in your Control

You take responsibility of your shared & uploaded data.
We ensure that your data is kept secured & private in our servers, unless you give access to third-party services.
You are requested not to try to reverse or re-distribute any of our products without any prior permission.
Any violation of such terms will be acted seriously and presented to the court of Law.

Registration & Account Security:

1. You agree to provide accurate and complete information about yourself when required by the Origgon Account registration form (the "Registration Data") and ensure your Registration Data is kept up to date.
2. You are responsible for maintaining your account. Accordingly, you are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your account. You will: immediately notify Origgon of any unauthorised use of your account and any other breach of security; and ensure that you sign out from your account at the end of each session.


1. Origgon is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, particularly children. For this reason, parents who wish to allow their children access to the Origgon should assist them in setting up accounts, supervise their access to the Origgon & Its Services and determine as legal guardians whether any of the Origgon Services and its content are appropriate for them. By allowing their child access to the Origgon Services, parents acknowledge and accept that they will be able to access all of the Origgon Services including instant app, and facebook access.

Data & Product Uses:
Our Data & Product uses should be done sincerly.
We don't allow any kind of illegal uses of softwares or scrapers to scrap our data without permission.

We don't allow ads in the following sectors:

• offline adult entertainment
• adult merchandise
• extreme dating services
• international bride services
• sexually suggestive content
• images containing exposed skin and nudity

When promoting adult-oriented content, you may not do any of the following:

• violate applicable laws or regulations for any location that your campaign targets
• target minors
• promote sexually explicit content
• promote content with underage or non-consensual sexual themes
• promote escort services or other services that may be interpreted as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation


By using the Origgon Services, you agree to follow these Terms.

These Terms also include the following guidelines and terms:

Online guidelines:

1. Origgon provides Services to you under these Terms of Service ("Terms"). In these Terms "you" means the individual using the Origgon Services.
2. When you use the Origgon Services, you can access services provided by other Origgon or Other Third-Party Companies. Origgon is not responsible for services it does not provide. The terms of service governing a service should always explain who provides the service. You should always look at the terms of service that apply to each service you use especially when you register for a service.

Search results are divided into 3 parts:

Strict, Medium & No-filter.

Strict Usage - Any violent or 18+ adult content Will be Blocked. (ENSURES COMPLETE SECURITY & PROTECTION [CHILD SAFE])

Medium Usage - We remove any 18+ or abusive medias keeping untouch the text (FOR 18 OR ABOVE).

No-filter - We will not filter anything.

We don’t rank sites in behalf, we dont allow or take any money for improving the ranking of sites.
We hold rights to personalize and tweak results for every individual.
We hold rights to apply penalties to sites and decide the ranking order

You are responsible for the data you give access to thrid-party instant app services.

Thank you for reading the terms and regulations
Last Updated:- June 2 , 2018